05 August 2014

JB quote of the week

"Our waitress freaks me out... she's too attentive. It gives me a false sense of security."

19 August 2013

JB quote of the week

"I don't need a chair, a chair will just decrease my lifespan, that's the way I look at it."

16 February 2013

JB quote of the week

"Ryan, what we call wine is different from beer. I'm not sure how else to explain this to you."

28 May 2012

A Conversation with Josh

Josh Ballard rented a Chevy Malibu for the weekend, so he could more easily get to various Memorial Day BBQs. He drove me home from the finale:

After a moment of silence, Josh said, "I wish I could drive this car for a living, it's so quiet."
"You want to get paid to drive this specific car?" I asked.
"Yeah, there are truck drivers, I want to get paid to be a car driver. I could transport cargo."
"You could call it "EsCarGo," I laughed.
"I could transport sea food from the Chesapeake to Lancaster."

07 May 2012

JB photo of the week

JB quote of the week

"I don't know, it surprises me that i'm related to my parents."

14 November 2011


JB quote of the week

"I'm going to post a picture of a dolphin with wires coming out of its head, on facebook with a caption that says: "We are the 1%""

27 May 2011

JB quote of the week

"Wait, what aspects of noir am i not aware of?"

10 April 2011

JB quotes of the week

Cosby Show Edition:

"Growing up my dad would say: "why aren't you more like Rudy Huxtable.""

"Why don't they just call it the Rudy Huxtable Show? That's the show i would want to watch."